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Etap Transport was established in 2000 as a 100% independent family business and so it has remained so far. The headquarters, which is also the operational center, stretches over an area of 6,000 sqm owned by the company in Chitila, and includes an office area, a repair hall, a diesel fuel station, parking and car wash for the exclusive use of the Etap Transport fleet.

At the moment, Etap Transport has a fleet of 47 Volvo and Mercedes trucks, Euro5 and Euro6, monitored through GPS; tarpaulin and refrigerated Schimtz trailers and 2 Mercedes Sprinter for less than 3.5 Tons.

The team is made up of about 60 employees, including 43 drivers, a technical team and a 24/7 dispatcher.

The technical team ensures the proper functioning of the fleet and it’s this “in-house maintenance” that is a competitive advantage for keeping the fleet maintenance and repair costs under control; another competitive advantage is the opening and direct access to the Bucharest ring road.

We do not boast of our turnover, but I’m proud to have a sustainable, controlled growth of the business I started in 2001, when I bought the first Volvo trucks. Since then, we have preferred to have an organic, healthy growth, to keep the company’s debt and return under control, thus, even though the transport industry was heavily impacted by the 2008-2010 economic crisis, we managed to safely go through that period. After 2012 we have resumed the upward trend and increased our turnover by an average of 10% per year. Net profit has grown steadily as well.

Seriousness – our team extended over the years but it still includes the people we started with -, flexibility, stability, the rapid adaptation to the requirements of a new client and proactivity are the features that define our business model. The efficient use of company resources has a direct effect on profitability and cash flow, and the clear, transparent managerial communication and fast decision making are the advantages of a small to medium-sized company like Etap Transport.

When people understand the company’s goals, and then act to achieve them, they have that feeling of belonging to an organization, and so it’s easy to build, to always find solutions to problems. And I can tell you there are many challenges in a common day of work. We like saying that Etap Transport is a family.

Our annual growth fits within the industry average of 15%. We are proud of our team, who contributes daily to increasing our operational performance, of our portfolio of clients, several local and international prestigious companies, and of our ever growing fleet.

Even if the potential market is immense, it’s not easy to be profitable in this business. Competition is extremely strong and since we cannot change the price / km, the solution for profitability is optimizing the routes and fuel consumption. In addition to the traditional fuel price fluctuation, there’s also the macroeconomic impact and the legislative changes implemented by France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom, changes that are beginning to increasingly affect the intra-Community transportation services of goods deployed by companies from emerging countries.

Adrian Gherghe • administrator, ETAP Transport


Our goal is to provide professional transport services to our customers, bringing added value to their business and thus helping them to successfully meet their business goals.


Being recognized among current clients and potential shippers as the main supplier of logistics and transport services.

Developing long-term partnerships
with all our clients;

Anticipating customer needs;

Increasing efficiency and minimizing costs.


Our company is based on integrity, excellence, cooperation, creativity, diversity, safety and respect.

Continuous improvement of procedures;

Transport safety;

Activities carried out to the highest ethical standards – integrity and impartiality.

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